Assistance and Training

The area provides interdisciplinary professional assistance to address the different problems that arise from the use of technology as well as for those who wish to promote projects and responsible content. We also create training and education spaces on different topics of social and professional interest.


Legal Lab

The Legal Lab Project aims to provide legal advice at affordable cost, both to individuals and also to other organizations that directly or indirectly incorporate the use of technology and / or development of computer applications.

Legal Lab is interested in solving the problems of people related to cybercrime, harassment, bullying, computer evidence, privacy, intellectual property, trademark protection, children and adolescents, among others. The Lab also provides training in these issues. #Assistance

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We use networks to connect people who want to help others, no matter where, no matter when. We receive offers from people wanting to help selflessly with their time, profession or desire to take concrete actions in “real life”.

Give a hand seeks to be a space where people can offer their help to improve the quality of life for those who require us most, whether in health issues, education, childhood, street situation, old age and any other social issue that needs a supportive hand. #Assistance

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Media Project

We work enhancing, improving and building means for organizations and social initiatives. #Assistance #Training

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Online freedom of expression defense

We are defenders of liberty, and this includes the online freedom of expression. We fight to limit unilateral decisions related to the limitation of opinions. We promote different actions that encourage people to study, research and take action to reduce the negative consequences of censorship. #Assistance

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The invisible of technology. Open talk at the Book and Language Museum

Have you ever thought that technology hides invisible realities that can affect your life without you knowing it? In this open talk we share and rethink technology from another perspective to see what is beyond the screens.

Cyberwar, the power of algorithms and networks vanity were some of the topics that were addressed. #Training

Workshops on digital rights, digital culture and internet freedom (February 2018)

On the 7th and 9th of February, we gave different workshops at Espacio Pla Art Gallery. #Training

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Talk on digital rights, digital culture and internet freedom (February 2018)

On February 24, we gave a talk at the Matienzo Cultural Center. #Training

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